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members only;

This is dustycheeks , a special and exclusive layout community maintained by ghost_factory .

What is so special about dustycheeks?
There are numberless layout communities; many of them are members only. So what makes this one so exclusive and extraordinary?
well, it is the fact that i am constantly accepting TIPS on what type of layout the members want to see. Please note that tips don't equal requests; I am just always open to ideas about how I could make the dustycheeks layouts more and more interesting. Also, keep in mind that I might not be able to keep up with ALL your ideas at times. It is like a constant source of inspiration I'll be looking for.

Why is [info]dustycheeks different from [info]ghost_factory ?
ghost_factory is a completely "despotic" place, where all layouts are based on my own opinion, whereas here I'll rely on your opinions and ideas to make layouts!

So join, flood me with ideas and let the fun begin!!