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the exclusive layout community

dustycheeks ;
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livejournal layout overrides based on members' opinions



previews of a few layouts:

This is dustycheeks, an exclusive members-only layout community maintained by ghost_factory.

why exclusive? because all dustycheeks layouts were based on ideas of members. you can leave me suggestions about colours, page setup, background images, anything... and I will rely on them to make layouts. this is a good solution for both of us: you are likely to see layouts you WANT to see, and I can rely on you for inspiration - even when I'm lacking it!

please note that this doesn't mean dustycheeks is a layout request community. I also can't guarantee that I will use your tips in a layout, but you can be sure that I read all your suggestions carefully and check every single thing you've linked and suggested, and consider them when I am making a layout.

Please JOIN if you like the idea!